EXTENDED GROUP MANAGEMENT (until 31 December 2016)

The Extended Group Management and the Group Management were consolidated on January 1, 2017. As of December 31, 2016, the Extended Group Management had two members: Dr. Adalbert Lechner, country responsibility, and Kamillo Kitzmantel, country responsibility. ­Thomas Linemayr, country responsibility, has left the Extended Group Management as of end June 2016.

Number of permitted activities outside the Group

The number of mandates on senior management bodies and boards of directors of legal entities entered in the Swiss commercial register, or in a comparable foreign register outside the Group, is restricted for members of Group Management and Extended Group Management. Such mandates are always subject to approval by the Board of Directors – to not more than two mandates in listed companies, five in non-listed companies, and fifteen mandates in other legal entities such as foundations and associations.